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Nocco BCAA Tropical

Nocco BCAA Tropical

Review: Nocco BCAA Tropical (Tropical fruit) is a sugar-free soft drink with caffeine and BCAA. The taste is clear of tropical fruit and the first sips taste really nice. Unfortunately, the taste and sweetness are a bit too weak, which means that the taste is lost quite quickly after a few more sips. A good drink with some shortcomings.


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Nocco BCAA Tropical


Carbonated: Yes
Sweeteners: Sucralose
Caffeine: 55mg/100ml
BCAA: 910mg/100ml


Kolsyrat vatten, grenade aminosyror BCAA (lleucin, l-valin, l-isoleucin), koffein, grönt te-extrakt, vitaminer (niacin, vitamin B6, folsyra, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin B12), surhetsreglerande medel (citronsyra), arom (tropical), sötningsmedel (sukralos), färgämne (vegetabiliskt färgextrakt, betakaroten). Hög koffeinhalt (55 mg per 100 ml)


No Carbs Company
Box 22029
10422 Stockholm

Email: info@nocco.se
Homepage: https://nocco.com/sv/


Last update: 2020-12-06 12:03:11
Review date: 2020-06-18
Grade 5-point scale: 3.25/5

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Questions and answers

What vitamins does NOCCO Tropical contain?

NOCCO Tropical contains the vitamins folic acid, niacin, B6, B12 and biotin. The former four help to reduce fatigue and the latter four contribute to normal energy metabolism. It also contains vitamin D which contributes to normal muscle function.

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