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Barr Irn Bru Sugar Free

Barr Irn Bru Sugar Free

Review: Barr Irn Bru Sugar Free is based on a classic Scottish soft drink. The taste feels like apple with citrus and some say it should be reminiscent of chewing gum. It is quite smooth and to think it is really good you are probably already a fan of Irn Bru.


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Barr Irn Bru Sugar Free


Carbonated: Yes
Sweeteners: aspartame*, Sucralose
Caffeine: Yes


Vatten, Syra [E330], aromer (inklusive koffein, E381, kinin), Sötningsmedel Sukralos, Aspartam*, Konserveringsmedel [E211], Färg (E110, E124). Innehåller AZO-färgämnen som kan ha negativ effekt på barns beteende och koncentration. *Innehåller en fenylalaninkälla.


Sanjo Gruppen AB
Hantverksgatan 2
285 33 Markaryd

Email: info@sanjogruppen.se
Homepage: http://sanjogruppen.se


Last update: 2020-10-06 16:02:33
Review date: 2020-09-03
Grade 5-point scale: 3.50/5

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